Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kiss of Death

For the last year I have been a Hillary supporter. Ok, I haven't been a strong supporter but wanted her to win. It would be nice for all those young girls out there to see that the United States of America is really not afraid of strong women.

After reading Obama's speech the other day, I truly thought that this is the one person who truly understands the race issue and can speech so well to get it across to all people having the experiences that he has. I don't care what his minister said or says. I am a practicing Roman Catholic who doesn't believe many things that this Pope stands for. Am I going to give up on 43 years of those ideals that I do believe in, I think not!!

After having said that, I am not a bandwagon jumper, seeing I have only voted for a handful of people who have actually been elected. Being a parent of a minority child, I have experienced many things that my other family members have not or have experienced those ignorant comments made to my face without people even realizing what they are saying or who they are saying it to. Some of them have been my own family members. After I say something to them they always change it to not include Kiran of course, but the damage is done.

Then a friend had a speech on her blog with my Senator who was killed in a plane crash over 5 years ago. It was his speech on the Senate floor against invading Iraq. At the time, he was in a tough battle to hold on to his seat but would never compromise his on beliefs to get elected. Do I think he would have been re-elected? YES! Is he missed??? Absolutely!!!! We don't have a voice for the voiceless anymore.......

Listening to Paul Wellstone and then Obama, I started thinking who really wants to see change and who would continue the old ways. Maybe my support for Hillary was really for Bill. Anyway, my heart starting to feel the change and Obama started falling in the polls. What does that say about me???

Maybe it is time to ride the Mccain train. Maybe he will lose if I start supporting him........



Deb said...

I'm so torn about them both.

alan said...

I will vote for whichever of them ends up the nominee because I the alternative is truly unthinkable!

Yes, your Senator is truly missed!


Green tea said...

Mary..saw your comment at Centrisity./.
I don't think there is any chance
of Jessie being elected if he ran.
His wife Terry "Hated" being in the public the point that she went into a depression ..which his handlers referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
He is just trying to get more publicity..I'm sure Terry has told him she would never go to Washington and he would be on his own.
She loves living in Mexico with her horses.
Now that I've said all that, she will probably be on TV supporting his decision LOL

Hope you are enjoying your summer..