Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do you ever wonder.........

I wonder what.....

life would be like without Kiran
it would be like to be the perfect parent
if Kiran's birthmother decided not to put her up for adoption or came looking for her
my life would be like without my SILs, brothers, nieces and nephews,
my mom would think of my parenting style
Kiran would think of my mom
my mom would think about Kiran
teaching in the suburbs would be like
our country would be like if Al Gore won almost 8 years ago
what our country will be like in 4 years
it would like to be deeply in love with a partner
it would be like to have another child
it would be like to have enough money not to have to worry about the future
why Britney Spears does what she does
or why any parent can just kill or forget about their children
or why people die so young
or why athletes, singers, and movie stars are more important then police officers, teachers
and firefighters
life would be like without my dad, I don't want to find out
it would be like if my mom was still with us on this earth.........

What do you wonder????

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The New Year

It is so hard to believe that we are almost done with the first month of 2008. I am hoping and praying that this year brings positive changes to our country and government.

This is the year that my oldest niece will graduate from high school, she will be able to vote in her first presidential election, and in August she will be off to college to start her adult life. WOW!! Kiran is going to have difficult time with that move. Laura was with us for the first two weeks that Kiran was home from India. Laura is big sister, mentor, and great friend all rolled into one. I am just thankful that the college she wants to go to is only 20 miles away from us.

My kid just keeps coming up the lines that make me smile and laugh. We had a great discussion the other day about keeping our house clean and how great it would be for her to start helping me more around here. I was telling her that it is hard to keep our house clean after working all day, coming home making dinner and then spending some quality time with her. Instead of saying I will do what I can mommy, she looked at me in all seriousness and said, "It's not fault that you never got married." Referring to the fact that if I had gotten married, I would not have to do all the work be myself. Where do kids come up with these things.