Saturday, September 8, 2007

The First Week....

My class, this year, is going to be wonderful. I have a wonderful group of young children. There are a few squirrels, but I can handle it. Two years ago, I was wondering if it was time to get out of the business. I was feeling hopeless, tired, and frankly burnt out. Last year was the best year I ever had. My group was smart and well behaved. I do believe this year might just be also. It is amazing what a group of wonderful children can do for your attitude. I am still thinking of starting an administration program and becoming a dean of students some place. I love working with those naughty children. Until then I will stay with Minneapolis and keep struggling through. I am starting a beginning spanish class for teachers. Hopefully this will help with my communication between my parents and myself.

As far as Kiran goes, she LOVES school. She is excited to be there all day and told me that she is going to learn so much more this year being there all day. We start dance class on Thursday and religion class in October. Our lives will be rocking then. I would love to send pictures but seem to be missing my cable that ho0ks up my camera with my computer. When I find it I will post.

After a summer where we would seemed to have struggled everyday, life is back to normal. She is her sweet wonderful self again. I guess being in a routine is the most important thing for her. Not to mention we aren't spending 24/7 together.

I am crossing my fingers but good times seem to be in the mix for us.

On a sad note, my last principal, who we know had health issues, is dying. We didn't always get along but I had nothing for respect for him until he starting showing up for school smelling of alcohol and not being where he needed to be. I cannot get him off my mind. Kevin is a very private person, never let anyone in to his private life. During the last two weeks, one of the teachers has finally spoken with him. He is in hospice care, we are all thinking it is complications to AIDS. (His partner some 15 years ago passed with complications in Nebraska.) I was happy to know that he was allowed to take his dogs with him. They were his children. I know I need to write him a letter but seem to be at a loss for words. I would love to see him but he is refusing most visitors. During his final days at school, we had a few run ins, at this point who cares. He must have been in so much pain physically and mentally that he was trying to relieve it any way he knew how.

Love to all,

Love you all,