Sunday, March 2, 2008

Aging parents

Three weeks ago, we were informed that my dad has a serious heart condition. He has some very severe blockage and an irregular heart beat. They need to be able to go with open heart surgery to fix the blockage but because of his Lupus and other things they prefer not to. Of course, I have been sitting here thinking what it would be like to be parentless. It is so difficult watching those we love grow old. Then I have such a distrust of doctors in Northern MN that it makes me nervous that he isn't in the city looking for help. He likes his doctor and doesn't want to move but my mom died in that same hospital this doctor works for....


alan said...

Do some online research into the condition, standard treatments, side effects, etc.. There is supposed a be a site somewhere that rates doctors according to their success rate with treatments and surgeries, although I don't know if it's available to the public...

2nd opinions are always in order if you have any doubts at all!

My Dad died at 56 because he didn't get one, though his cancer would have still killed him it might have taken longer and been less miserable if he had gotten one.

Thinking of you!


Green tea said...

Like Alan, my dad was 56 when he dies from Hodgkin disease.
He went to the best doctors in Rochester for about a year.
This was before they had any decent treatments. I was 26.. It was just as hard when my mom died at 86.

Mary I will put your dad on the prayer list at my church.

Ashley Winters said...

Make sure you accompany your dad on as many doctor visits as you can. He will need another set of ears to hear all the information as well as moral support. Let the hospital know that you are by his side, his advocate.

ConnieJane said...

Good advice all. Three of us went with my father in law to the doctor visits. I took notes and looked everything up on line. Most helpful as there is so much information to absorb with emotions running high.

Take care.