Sunday, October 5, 2008


I really don't like either of these people. It was a few years ago, that I had respect for John McCain. He always seemed to take the high road in campaigns, not wanting to get personal or nasty. Today, he is coming off like an angry old man doing the same thing every Republican has done for years. His commercials are terrible and God help this country if they actually get elected.

As far as qualifications go, I have had my passport for 5 years, visited three foreign countries and have a daughter from India. I teach in a classroom with 5 different countries present, and I grew up 60 miles from Canada. Not only do I teach those children but I also manage the classroom so there is my executive experience. I am just as qualified as Sarah, I do believe.

Today, we went to church, the grocery store and a fun kids bookstore. On the way out of the the bookstore, I noticed that my Obama bumper sticker was gone. Who would do that??? Damn I am angry.


Green tea said...

I can't believe the people I know that are supporting McCain because of this Bimbo.
I just received a an article from a neighbor who has always voted Democrat about Obama that really made me see red..
I debunked it by going to doubt if she will care she likes SARAH!!
Mary, maybe omeone took your bumper sticker because they wanted it.
I was down at the Obama office on
514 East Henn. on Friday and picked up some signs..
I may get back there this week I can pick up a bumper sticker if you want to send me an address.
Glad to see you posting.. *Smile*

sttropezbutler said...

Some one really afraid of change. Someone who "isn't a racist" but can't imagine a black man being president. Someone who has supported the failed politics of the Republicans for the last 30 years. Maybe that is who took it?

If,as green tea suggests, that someone took it because they are an Obama supporter, well frankly they were stealing and they need to give it back.

We are talking about change here. Stealing is what we've seen for the last 8 years. Stealing lives, stealing savings, sealing the fate of all the children in this country because of greed and oh yes...stealing.


Green tea said...

Hi Mary,
Got your message and deleted it, will try and get you a bumper sticker.
meanwhile if you ever need to contact me..go to my profile and click on e-mail.

alan said...

Somewhere recently I read of someone who went to a family gathering and found that not only was their Obama sticker removed, but the paint was scratched off the facia in the process!

I am seeing so many evil things I thought had been laid to rest rising from the grave these past weeks!